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Mini Expedition on Praslin

Inner island’s award staff recently organised a mini expedition, inviting a group of silver and direct silver participants from Praslin island. The hike took place on Saturday, July 29th, 2023, commencing from Mont Plaisir bus turning point and concluding at L’emuria via Anse Georgette Trail.

Awareness Towards the Dangers of Plastic to the Environment

On Friday, July 28th, 2023, Parley Seychelles volunteered by organising a talk involving silver participants and Eco School members from Praslin and La Digue Island. The primary objective of this activity was to raise awareness about the detrimental impact of plastic and other waste in the ocean and its specific consequences for Seychelles as a…
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Training Camp for Future Gold Award Members

On the 21st to the 23rd of July 2023, the DofE Seychelles organised a two day training camp at the Belombre School as a means to prepare for the participants to be future gold award members. A total of twenty-six youngsters attended the training camp and this was in the aim of preparing these young…
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Inner Island Award Leaders Programme

On the 14th and 15th of July 2023 an award leaders training programme was conducted on Inner Island with the participation of twelve award leaders. The activity was conducted at the Praslin and La digue district Community Centre respectively. This was following the event which was done on Mahe on the 8th of July 2023…
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Mahé Award Leaders Programme

On Saturday 8th July 2023, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Seychelles hosted a workshop for award leaders on Mahé. The workshop was conducted at the Les Mamelles Community Centre and saw the presence of the award secretariat along with Mr. Malvin Servina and the CEO of SNYC, Mr. Albert Duncan who were present as…
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Youth Festival Activity

As part of the activity to commemorate the Youth Festival, On Friday 26th August 2022 the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Seychelles hosted an Adventurous Journey Challenge with the Award centers from Pointe Larue, Anse Boileau, Beau Vallon, English River, Mont Fleuri, Plaisance, and Perseverance. The activity`s aim was to allow the participants to be…
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Historical Meeting with H.S.H Princess Theodora Von Liechtenstein

Monday 16th May, 2022 was considered to be a historical and auspicious moment for The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Seychelles due to the fact that six bronze participants from Plaisance Secondary School Award Center along with the Principal Secretary (PS) for Youth and Sports, Mr. Ralph Jean-Louis, Chief Policy Analyst (CPA), Ms. Begitta Jeannevole,…
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Bronze Adventurous Journey

On the 29th and 30th April 2022, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Seychelles organized a bronze adventurous journey with Twenty-Four mixed participants from three different secondary school, namely Plaisance, English River and Mont Fleuri. On the first day the Journey started at English River Community Center, passing via perseverance, Anse Etoile, Maldive, Glacis, Beau Vallon and…
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Camp Craft Training

Programme Officer of Region three Ms. Shelly Lucas, recently organized a camp craft training with twenty new recruits and active bronze participants. This activity was held on Friday 29th April 2022 at Anse Boileau Secondary School where the participants gained the necessary skills to undertake their qualifying Journey.

Bronze Certificate and Pin Award Ceremony

Twenty participants attended two ceremony respectively, organized at the Anse Boileau and Beau Vallon Secondary Schools which saw the presence of National Director, Head Teacher and Programme Officers. During these events all participants received their Bronze Certificates and Pins.