Youth Festival Activity

Youth Festival Activity

As part of the activity to commemorate the Youth Festival, On Friday 26th August 2022 the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Seychelles hosted an Adventurous Journey Challenge with the Award centers from Pointe Larue, Anse Boileau, Beau Vallon, English River, Mont Fleuri, Plaisance, and Perseverance.

The activity`s aim was to allow the participants to be given the opportunity to engage in different adventurous challenges with different conditions under an environment which provided them with the chance to gain more knowledge in a wider variety of fields and set of skills that would enabled them to develop self-confidence, teamwork hence removing them from their comfort zone.

This activity was held at the Sports Complex, Roche Caiman and participants enjoyed themselves. On behalf of the DofE International Award Seychelles and all participants present, we express our heartfelt appreciation to the award leaders, award staff, Military Police (MP), National Sports Councils (NSC) and Youth and Sports Department (YSD) for making this activity a success.

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